Water District & Municipalities

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states "Average water loss in systems is 16 percent - up to 75 percent of that is recoverable." What is your local municipality doing to rectify this issue?

Imagine that your local municipality distributes 1,000,000 gallons of water every day (I’m sure it is much higher than that), and 16 percent of that goes into the dirt under structures or roadways.

This would mean that 160,000 gallons goes to waste. This also means that we are distributing chlorine and other chemicals to our waterways. The potential damage, both structurally and monetarily to our community is unacceptable.

Through the use of loggers and noise correlators we can identify and locate any leaks that are present in a water distribution system.

We even have the capability of providing a monitoring system throughout the city that will alert us if a leak arises. This alone could save the community in many ways.