Leak Detection Training

“Every battle is won before it is fought.” Sun Tzu

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5-Day Immersion: Leak Detection Training

Join me for a week of on the job, custom-fitted training and instruction on leak detection, utility location as it applies to leak detection, meter mapping, pool leak detection, and smoke testing.

You will learn how to approach a leak detection job with a clear concise system. I will introduce you to each of the tools I use, and their use will be explained in detail in the field on actual leaks.

Subjects covered:

  • Client interview – what questions to ask, proper listening technique.
  • Leak identification – Is there an actual leak? Theft, miscalculation etc? Creating strategy.
  • Isolation – can you minimize the area to be covered by isolating the leak search grid.
  • Utility location – learn to locate your lines so you are not wasting precious time listening where the pipe does not exist.
  • Listening for the leak – What are you listening for? What sounds can distract you? How can you change to medium to accommodate your desired outcome? What tools are most useful in what situation?
  • Introducing tracer gas – When is tracer gas the best solution? How to introduce? What to avoid from a plumber’s perspective.
  • Review of process and evaluation of evidence – Was the system followed? Does all evidence make sense? Do the pieces fit?

$3,750 for 5 days. This includes personalized instruction and use of specialized leak detection equipment during class. This does not include lodging. I am glad to suggest local lodging options that are close to my office as well as great food and entertainment while in the Denver area.