About Brian

Colorado Underground Detection's founder, Brian Clark has over 25 years experience in the construction industry.

As one of the youngest licensed plumbers in the state of Texas at 18, Brian worked hard learning the trade. He continued his education by becoming a Master plumber in 1997. After owning and operating a successful plumbing company, Brian decided to start building homes and operated as a general contractor. He built and remodeled homes in Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, California and Illinois. Some of Brian’s extensive knowledge lies in the fields of plumbing, excavation, welding, electrical, and utility location.

Being a Master Plumber, Brian has a thorough understanding of what problems might arise in a plumbing system.

In order to understand how a system may leak you must first understand how the system was plumbed. What the plumbing code required many years ago and how the code has changed are important factors in determining where a plumbing system is most likely going to leak. Brian has been finding leaks throughout his career and has refined his skill.

In the early nineties, geophones and pressurized air were used to locate leaks. Now with the advantage of using Sewerin equipment, leak detection is a more fun and intriguing than ever before. If there is a leak, he will find it. In addition, Brian is very capable of providing accurate utility location and mapping out underground infrastructure.

Over the past 13 years, Brian has called Colorado home.

He is active in the local community as a Colorado Firefighter and Wilderness EMT. In his spare time, one can find Brian climbing, running, swimming, lifting weights and trying to make yoga look graceful. For the past twelve years, he has volunteered at Wolfwood Refuge, a wolf and wolf dog rescue. The refuge is a meeting place of some of the most compassionate and loving people and wolves to ever grace the good earth. Wolfwoodrefuge.org