Underground Water Leak Detection Specialists

We offer water leak detection for any location - concrete slabs to buried lines; leaks within floors and walls - for commercial and residential properties. If there's water anywhere, we'll find it.

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Signs and Symptoms of Underground Water Leaks

  • Sound of continuous water running when nothing is in use
  • High water bills
  • Water meter running without use
  • Warm spots on slabs
  • Continuous wet spots in the yard

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, call Colorado Underground Detection to pinpoint the location of the water leak. We often work with general contractors, plumbers, home owners associations, and home owners to find any leak they might have.

Water Leak Detection Services

  • Concrete Slab Leaks
  • Sewer/Drain Leaks
  • Leaks between Floors and Walls
  • Irrigation/Exterior Leaks
  • Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Colorado Underground Detection uses state of the art subsurface acoustic listening devices and testing with tracer gas to discover all hard-to-find leaks.

For several decades water lines have been distributed under concrete slabs without the protection of a plastic sleeve or insulative cover. Every time water is turned on or off the entire water line moves or shocks the system. If the water lines are buried adjacent to shells, rocks, or rebar or anything hard, this constant rubbing can wear a hole in the water line causing a leak.

“Slab Leaks” are very common in homes with concrete slabs, sidewalks, or driveways. Slab leaks can cost a lot of excess money over time and cause damage to structures by unbalancing the foundation and causing fractures throughout the structure. Most slab leaks can be detected with proper experience and utilizing the most advanced equipment available. While most plumbers can detect a slab leak, pinpoint location should be left to a true professional with the proper background and equipment. Not pinpointing leaks can lead to excessive damage to expensive flooring and guesswork that causes aggravation and concern on behalf of the homeowner and insurance company.

Let Colorado Underground Detection detect the exact location of the leak before excavation.