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We, at Colorado Underground Detection LLC, are the sole supplier of german Sewerin products in Colorado.

These devices are not just a step above the rest, they are miles above the rest. I was recently called out to locate a leak in a 42″ water irrigation main that was 1000′ long and 14″ deep. This kind of job is always fun and interesting. I spent three hours pressurizing the system and searching on the surface for any type of leak noise. I couldn’t believe it when I actually heard the leak under 14′ of dirt. The crew started digging while they were skeptically laughing under their breath.

When we saw bubbles pouring out of the ground exactly under my red X the laughter turned to joy at having found their pressure testing nightmare.

The Sewerin A-200 is the most amazing listening device that I have ever used. The filtration and quality of sound are unmatched.

Their manufacturing base in Germany plays a crucial role here – our products are of German quality!

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